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      El Primer Mundo Cigars strives to be a testament to the pride, commitment, and heritage of the people that bring us the fine premium cigars that we enjoy at will. Nations typically classified as under-developed countries are the true heart and soul of tobacco. The finest tobacco in the world is undoubtedly being grown in countries, such as: The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Ecuador. These countries without question are The First World for tobacco, thus the name 'El Primer Mundo'. As one tours the tobacco fields, curing barns and factories in these countries the pride and care that goes into producing a fine hand rolled cigar is truly humbling.

       Originally started purely as a passion project its founder  Sean Williams in 2006 out of his love for the cigar culture and the Brotherhood that envelops it, El Primer Mundo Cigars has become one of the premium cigar market's classic small-batch boutique brands.  With lauded lines such as; La Hermandad, Epifania, Liga Miami, and EPM Black Label, El Primer Mundo has consistently garnered strong ratings and reviews ranking among the top cigars on the market and the EPM story continues to be written. 



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